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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Al Faisal Group as the holding company of a  group of highly specialized to their industry companies. Al Faisal Group works on identifying new  scopes of the unexplored industries as to aid national growth as well as the growth and efficient  work process for existing organizations. Al Faisal Group Under the patronage of our visionary Chairman Sheikh Faisal Bin Abdulla Al  Moalla, Al Neefa is wholly owned by the progressive Al Faisal Group based in the emirate of Umm  Al Quwain. Al Faisal Group is a consortium of companies based in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain,  which was established in 1989 and employing over 1200 people.  Al Faisal Group visualizes itself as the best service provider in UAE. These services are to be  provided by highly skilled and specialized individuals that believe in being and working as a part  of Al Faisal Group. To keep ahead of the pace, excelling technologies and state of the art methodologies, the group  works mutually with all companies to keep itself together & ensure the long lasting relationship  in the group. Each company supports the other in terms of offering its services when required to  form an integrated operation platform internally and a one stop solution provider to other  organizations. Together with the highly skilled staff and experienced management, the existing companies work  as a group to ensure maximum efficiency of high output to satisfy the needs of the clients. Al Faisal Group would like to introduce & offer the services of the listed companies with your  esteemed organization. The companies which are in line of scope of your business are listed  below so that their state of the art technologies and services can prove to be useful for your  esteemed organization. Al Faisal delivers its services through the highly expert team of staff and workers, which is very  evident from the esteemed clients.